April 24, 2024


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Things You Need to Know About the Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

Antique engagement rings continue to bloom up to this modern day. They may have been loved by the old centuries but the designs are still being appreciated until now. That’s why jewelers continue to create vintage antique engagement rings so they can cater to customers who are into these types of designs.  The Antique Diamond Engagement Ring is appealing to some people and they find the origin interesting and that’s why they want to patronize these kinds of designs. 

Antique Engagement Ring Settings

Art Deco Engagement Rings

The art deco type of ring became popular way back in the 1920s and 1930s. These designs possess abstract patterns, geometric designs, and contrasting colors. Most of the designs of art deco have intricate details and the stones are held up by prongs. The designs on art deco rings are astonishing since the center stone has geometric designs, they are combinations of different shapes until they can create a masterpiece center stone. For the metals used, they often match with platinum, since this metal can be more easily designed and they can make their intricate designs here. 

Antique Cushion Cut

Cushion cut diamonds became popular decades ago that’s why its antique design is known. The cushion cut is also known as the pillow cut since it resembles the pillow. This type of cut has a larger table creating more reflections which results to sparkle more.  When opting for this cut its good to consider its 4cs based on the following: 

  • Color: H or Better
  • Clarity: SI2 or SI1

Antique Ring Settings Without Stones

antique ring settings without stones for sale are also available. These antique rings are already made and you can just choose a center stone you want. This is ideal for people who want a ready-made ring but want a customized center stone. You can choose the shape and size of your center stone and your jeweler will place it on the ready-made rings. 

Characteristics of Antique Style Engagement Rings


Prices range from $900 to $20,000 or more depending on the size of the stone, the shape of the stone, and the styles used on the ring. Pricing can be affected by the quality of the diamond used on the ring which will refer to the 4cs of the diamond being chosen. Putting a budget ahead of time is a good idea, for you to be able to be ready with whatever design you choose. Being prepared can make you choose a better type of engagement ring that you know best for your partner. 

Place to buy

Antique diamond rings for sale are available in almost any jewelry store. Visit stores with a good reputation so you can get the best one. Every one of them would be willing to offer you antique engagement rings that would suit your budget and at the same time create the design you wanted for your partner. 

4cs of Antique Cut Diamond

  • Color 

If you want a diamond for your center stone make sure to get the most flawless one you can get. Although they are rare, there will still be a chance for you to get one, but nearly colorless can also be a good option to replace a flawless one. 

  • Clarity

The clarity of a diamond depends on the cut of the diamond you want. Lesser blemishes, the better. Although inclusions of diamonds are not visible to the naked eye, getting one with too many blemishes can affect the brilliancy of the diamond as well as its durability. 

  • Carat 

Carats depend on the shape and weight of the diamond you choose to place as your center stone. Pricing of diamonds is per carat weight so better determine what design would you want your center stone to be. 

Antique Diamond Engagement Ring designs are ideal for people who love designs that have intricate details and abstract ones. Shop for an antique diamond engagement ring in Dallas in any size, designs and carat many women who have a strong personality often love this kind of design, something that has a history behind it or simply designed in a vintage way. Choosing this as your proposal gift for your woman can make her feel how special she is because of the details on the design and women are known to always want something extraordinary.