July 25, 2024


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Stocks app: Everything in a nutshell

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In all the aspects of the present day world, mobile apps are the integral part. Stock market is not an exceptional one. Concept of stock app was developed in order to make the stock market investment easy and quick. Investment in the stock market requires lots of research. One can do all the research in no time with the help of the stocks app. Trading through the stock app is termed as mobile trading. Mobile trading allows the investors to invest in any time when they are away from desktops or laptops. 

How stocks apps work:

Stocks apps allow the investors to get all the information of the stock market in the android phone/iPhone. The performance of the stock market in a single day can also be accessed through mobile trading. The trading can be done from anywhere with the help of the stocks app. Almost all the significant brokerage companies allow their investors to trade with the help of the stocks apps. Traders can access the current stock markets from anywhere of the world beyond their comfort zones. Stocks apps are the most convenient and cheapest way to trade. 

What does the stocks app provide:

A registered stock broker must have the mobile app for the convenience of the investors. One can access all the required information with the help of the stocks app. The stocks app provides the following information:

a) Overall performance of the market in a single day.

b) Provide information of all the active markets in a global context.

c) Top gainers and top losers in a single day

d) Details of a particular stock. This includes the stock quotes, market depth, recent announcements etc. One can access all the information of a particular company through the stock quotes.

e) Stocks app provides constant alerts on the basis of the ups and downs of the market.

f) Stocks apps also provide key trade setups and forecasts of the market. It does not work for everyday, but one can get the overall idea about the market.

g) Stocks app also alerts an investor when a particular stock reaches its lower circuit or upper circuit.

Few renowned stocks app in India:

Examples of few renowned stock brokers which provide the facility of mobile trading in India are Religare, Angel Broking, Sharekhan, Groww etc. All the above mentioned stock broker companies are good and provide almost all the required information.


From the above discussion it can be easily said that investment in present day context is incomplete without the help of stocks app. A successful investor should take the help of stocks app to get updated.  For more information, you can check at https://www.webull.com/quote/rankloser