May 27, 2024


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Myths and Prejudices Surrounding the Use of Mobile Signal Boosters

Top 7 Common Mobile Network Myths That Aren't True

We all face some sort of network issue every now and then. However, if we have to run outside to attend the calls every single time, it is better to look for solutions to resolve this issue forever. 

Many prejudices surround the use of signal boosters. Many people believe that it will increase the number of bars in our cell phones but does not improve connectivity. However, this is not the case with every single mobile booster available in the market. 

There are many reputed brands of 4G/LTE Signal Booster such as My Amplifiers that actually work to enhance the signal strength and ensure that there are no dead zones inside your house or office space. Their products are altered to match the frequencies and band width of your country so that you can enjoy connectivity at all times. 

Myths around signal boosters

  1. They work even in the absence of outside signals:
  • These devices are not magical, but are signal amplifiers or repeaters. 
  • They catch the signals coming from the cell tower and spread it uniformly so that you get better connectivity when you are inside the house. 
  • However, in the absence of outside signals, boosters will never work. 
  • You will need to check if there is a cell tower in your area before rendering the device useless. 
  1.  They emit harmful radiations:
  • We are all told that we should not sleep with mobile phones in our vicinity because they emit radiations that are harmful to us. 
  • We also believe the mobile boosters will amplify these radiations as they amplify the signal.
  • However, this is not the case.
  • In fact, the outdoor antenna of the signal booster keeps the radiation outside and thus the indoor radiation exposure decreases to a great extent.
  • Also, when there is a good signal inside the house, our cell phones will emit less radiation because they have to spend less energy in searching for one.
  • Therefore, the overall radiation emission of mobile phones will decrease by as much as 60 times.
  1. Booster and mobile operators must work on same frequency:
  • This is not true because if they work on same frequency, it will create a noise in the network of mobile operators. 
  • You can be legally responsible for this noise and might have to pay huge sums of money as fine. 
  • While this is true for low quality, cheap, and non-certified boosters; it is not the case with branded ones as they have inbuilt noise control systems.
  1. One size fits all applies to mobile signal boosters:
  • This is not true as well. 
  • You need different power strength in signal amplifiers depending upon the area coverage and number of people that will be using the booster. 
  • Thus, you will need different equipment for your house and a different power model for a commercial space. 
  • You will also need different booster format depending upon your cellular technology. If your cell phone does not support 4G or LTE networks, you do not need a booster for 4G network.

It is therefore important to choose the right signal booster as per your needs. Never compromise on quality because you could end up wasting more money if you buy a booster that is not certified and does not provide brand warranty.