July 19, 2024


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Market America: Powering People To Be Successful In Business

Market America: Powering People To Be Successful In Business

Market America is a leading internet marketing business that has earned its right as a premier online hub. It is one of the largest online providers of retail products with over 50 million products and services retailing to over 3 million preferred customers. On average this online destination has over 200 distributors and over 30 million page views every month. It has accumulated sales of about 4 billion dollars with more than 2 billion going to the ‘Unfranchise owners’ in form of commissions and bonuses.

This internet business was established in 1992 by JR and Loren Ridinger. They coined the name from the franchising opportunity and benefits they give to interested individuals who want to start their own franchise businesses without the need of paying a hefty franchising fee. The individuals are supported in form of tools, training, support and technology allowing them to start their businesses and make them work. The working business system is standardized for all individuals and even includes training programs to establish a web presence through web portals. It has eliminated most of the barriers that the old franchising model had and on top of it all it pays the individuals commissions and bonuses for marketing and selling products on the company’s behalf.

Market America also does most of the work on behalf of the individuals. Services such as packing and shipping, marketing, brand recognition campaigns, quality control, tracking market trends and habits are carried out by the company. All the individuals have to do is make sure they make some sales which will generate income. To avoid the scams that are common in other MLM or network marketing business, the internet business bases its compensation plan on a binary model that encourages distributors to make sales as this is the basis of how much one will earn. The company is also very real with information about how long it will take an unfranchise business to make profits which is mostly in the range of 2 to 5 years. Their aim is not to make people wealthy but to guarantee them a substantial income and make them successful business people.

Even with all the opportunities that the company provides, one still needs the skills of marketing and marketing principles to attract customers. The internet however does provide the best place where Market America distributors can attract buyers to their MLM businesses easily through the use of search engines, social media and article or video directories.