May 23, 2024


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Hosting Teleseminars For Profit, Prospects, and More – Marketing With Teleseminars For Your Business

Teleseminars are now being used by everyone who is building an online business, so if you are not hosting your own calls, now is the time to get started. All of us have been using the telephone since we were kids, so the technology will never be an issue. That’s what separates teleseminars, also called teleclasses or teletrainings, from webinars. Whenever I hold a webinar at least one person gets very frustrated with trying to get connected and make it all work on their own computer. That is never an issue with this simpler way of connecting with your prospects.

When I first started hosting my own calls, I wasn’t sure of what to say or how to convey my message when I couldn’t see my audience. During those first few months I didn’t even have anyone on the calls, so I was just speaking out into cyberspace. I made a list of names, cities, and questions and began using that each week. These were names I made up, along with questions that people were asking me through emails. This made it all much easier and more fun, and as real people began to attend my calls I finally threw the list of pretend people into the trash can. I was on my way to building my business online.

Typically you would present information to your audience during the first thirty to forty minutes of your teleseminar, and then open up the line for questions during the remainder of the hour. I learned techniques for being able to sell my own products or recommend affiliate products throughout the call, meaning that a free call always brings in money. You can also offer the replay to people who were not able to attend when you did it live, increasing your reach and your revenue even further over the coming days and weeks.

I encourage you to hold your first or next call as soon as possible. Our voice is very powerful, so allowing others to hear our message and information is so much more effective than simply by writing it within an email or a blog post. You also are creating an info product each time you speak, and these can be given away as bonuses for your other products or packaged together into a new product. Any way you look at it, teleseminars are an excellent way to market to your target audience.