July 25, 2024


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Hiring For Your Craft Show Business

Hiring For Your Craft Show Business

What sort of things should you consider? What do you want your employee to do? Is the expense of an employee, or you going to make more money, or is it going to cost you more in the end? These are some of the questions you are going to have to ask yourself before you decide to add to your workforce.

Here are 4 things you should consider before you decide to hire:

Cost vs. Profit – Having an employee can certainly increase your production, and even help you make more sales. But, it is important to consider whether an employee – with wages and expenses – is going to warrant the added expense in a growth of profit. If you are in a position where you cannot keep up with the demand for your craft, and people may be willing to pay a little more for it to get it, then it might be time to hire another set of hands.

A capable employee – Are you going to have to struggle to find someone to fill your position, and excel at it? Or, do you already have someone in mind? Finding an employee for your craft show business might be challenging, especially someone who shares the same vested interest in your love of the craft, and of the end profit. An employee just looking to collect a wage is not the type of employee you are looking for.

Sales or production? – You may need to make a decision where a new employee is going to help your craft show business the most. If you are struggling to keep up with demand for your product, you may want them to help with production of the crafts. However, if you have a large supply of crafts and you are simply unable to meet the demand of customers in your craft show booth, then you may want to put the person into the sales side. You may decide that you need someone for both areas in order to increase the profit.

Business expansion – Adding an employee might provide you with the opportunity to expand the overall breadth of your business. With another employee, or two, you may be able to attend more craft shows – including craft shows that are on the same weekend. You may literally be able to double your overall income if you find a person you are comfortable with handling an entire craft show operation.

Adding another member to your staff is a choice you may be faced with in time. If you business is rapidly expanding, you may find that an extra set of hands is the only way to maximize craft show sales. Consider carefully whether that person is going to provide you with a boost to business, or be an added cost that isn’t providing the appropriate returns.