July 20, 2024


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Color-Coding Means Better Time Management in Business and Sales

Color-Coding Means Better Time Management in Business and Sales

Do you get so wrapped up in making sales phone calls or putting out work-related fires that you never seem to get anything else done? Are you having a problem meeting your business goals or sales quotas? Do you feel like you are missing out on possible fun parts of your life outside of work? Are you looking for a better way to manage your time while growing your business? Can you open your mind to success possibilities using a powerful tool that are simple to implement?

If you find yourself responding with a “yes” to any of those questions, it is time for you to utilize a time management system that includes color coding to make sure you have a good balance of activities. It is time for you to update your typical work calendar to include something from each of the color categories below.

  • Green (the color of money) is for key activities that lead to current income. As a sales professional, this would include all prospecting activities and customer contacts. When you look at your work calendar, this should be the majority of your day.
  • Red (stop light) is for administrative activities such as filing, writing proposals, service calls, and database entries. Plan time for this during a slow period during your typical day so it does not pile up and does not interfere with getting to the green.
  • Blue (think water and beaches) is necessary relaxation activities that include vacations as well as important time with family and friends. Doing a hobby, exercising, or planning a little fun into your week will help reduce stress and keep you motivated.
  • Orange (a bright future) includes activities that lead to long-term results such as career goal planning, sales conferences, advanced degrees or certifications, and additional learning in your industry. Some of this might fall under fun too depending on where you go or who you meet – it is a true requirement if you want to become successful in sales.

Use the suggested color codes to update your current work calendar to make sure you are including something from each category in your week. Although most of your work will be green and doing red is necessary, using the color system will help you to put the right balance into your life while you continue to grow your business. Knowing that you are accomplishing more blue and orange items will keep you motivated at work and well balanced in both professional and personal aspects of your life.