July 25, 2024


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Career Guidance and Counselling

Career Guidance and Counselling

Of late, most of the students have been blessed with guidance from experts due to the developments in information technology. There are so many web sites which are helpful to the needy. The guidance seekers need to select the right choices to fulfill their dreams.

Most of the educational institutions too offer career guidance to their students. Some educated and highly knowledgeable parents too can clarify the doubts related to professional development. The children who get proper and exact information could settle down in their lives well in advance. Many talented human resources could not contribute for the social and economic development substantially due to lack of awareness!.

Several steps are involved in the development of one’s career. Guidance related to career development should commence at the early stages of life. Such an approach would lead to making of better choices in one’s life. The innocent children do need a lot of awareness about making the right and the most fruitful choices. Wrong choices would lead to several types of losses. Changing of careers very frequently is not at all advisable.

After taking or selecting the best choice, there is a need of working on it with sincerity and devotion. Planning, hard work, practice, sincerity, discipline, time management, etc are some of the requirements to achieve the desired goals. For instance, if becoming a Physics professor is the goal or interest, there is no need of spending time on unnecessary academic disciplines. In other words, the whole time should be spent for improving knowledge in Physics only. Similarly, if the goal is to become a cricketer, most of the productive time should be utilised to learn and master the skills of the game. Such an attitude would lead to specialisation in a particular chosen area. Hence, the right decision is the key.

Better guidance would lead to the better choices or decisions.

Interest in certain types of services, domestic factors, personal interests or ambitions, nature of job, monetary factors, etc would play a role in career development.

There are many people who had to sacrifice their special interests due to the unforeseen circumstances in their lives. Still in some other instances, the domestic factors compel to be in one’s own country. Some enthusiastic candidates do sacrifice even their families for a better remuneration and perks. Interest in better research for instance, would lead to even sacrificing better perks elsewhere in the world.