May 23, 2024


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Some Fun Facts that make silver more interesting

Fun Facts about Silver | Garfield Refining

Silver is a precious metal that has many vital applications in jewellery, medicine and technology even though its monetary value may not be the highest. Although a lot of investors buy silver bullion for investment purposes, silver has in reality benefited a lot of businesses and has been vital in the discovery of new technologies.

1. Silver Has Interesting Linguistic Features

Unquestionably, silver is connected to money. In 14 languages, the words “silver” and “money” are interchangeable. For instance, in French, the word for silver “Argent” is also used for money.  Another interesting linguistic fact about this precious metal is that there is no word in English that rhymes with “silver”.

2. Silver Conducts electricity excellently

When considering all the metals that make up the earth, silver is the best electrical conductor. It is the only one that can attain a conductivity rating of 100-percent, with copper coming in second at 97% which is why silver plays such an important role in the productions of solar panels.  In addition to that, silver has the best heat conductivity.

3. Silver is very malleable metal second to gold.

Silver and gold are two of the most malleable (ductile) metal. For instance, an eight thousand foot long wire can be created from one ounce of silver. The main reason it works well for manufacturing jewellery  and cutlery is that it is malleable.

4. Reflective

Since silver is the only metal that reflects 95% of the spectrum of visible light.  This is why it is often painted on mirrors and used in other applications like microscopes, telescopes and solar panels.

5.   Mexico is the number producer of silver in the world

Mexico is known for producing most of the world’s silver. The country produced 6,300 metric tons of silver in 2019, this was 180tons more than what it had produced in 2018.  Silver is the biggest and most important exported material in Mexico and they haven’t even hit peak silver mining yet, so the country will probably keep expand its silver production for years to come.

6. Silver like iron and gold is amongst the oldest metals that mankind used

One of the first five metals discovered by humanity, silver has a special place in history of the humankind. The other metal are Copper, Iron, lead and of course, gold.

Several silver artefacts dating back to 4000BC were found in Greece. The city of Kish in ancient Sumeria has also yielded silver items from circa 3000 BC. More discoveries are yet to be made in some of the world’s most ancient cities. 

Silver’s value extends past its financial value.

Silver may not be as expensive as gold expensive metal, it has some historically significance and has many vital applications. This is why silver scrap is reclaimed from jewellery and industrial products. If you are thinking of investing your money in something worthwhile you should buy silver bullion. It is as easy to buy as it is to sell you have silver to sell. Find a reputable precious metals dealer. They can assist you in swiftly determining the worth of your precious metals in order to receive a prompt and fair payment.